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HORA Token

What is HORA Token?

HORA Token is a brand new and unique type of cryptocurrency in the market, which is built on TRC20, Tron network.

How can HORA Token be earned?

You can either play the game, Crypto Idle Miner, and make your progress within the game or just claim from this faucet here.

What is Crypto Idle Miner?

Crypto Idle Miner is a new simulation video game, developed by the Hora Games team. The game is available on iOS or Android.

Play Crypto Idle Miner today

Free to play,
earn real tokens

Download Crypto Idle Miner on the APP Store
Download Crypto Idle Miner on Google Play

1 HORA = 100,000,000 HoraSat

0.00000001 HORA = 1 HoraSat

Faucet remaining balance:

133310999437 satoshi

Possible rewards:

100000000 (99%), 500000000 (1%)

25 daily claims left.

Recent Payouts

TYn8ZWKy1hXQvSjoXBPtcueEMg4Fvb8Uny108000000 satoshi
TEfPmqqPxVCc5VKhkw8DosUCpFkQTN5rir108000000 satoshi

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